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From: Mike Fertsch <hplabs!uiucdcs!adc1.RAY.COM!FERTSCH>
Subject: Aluminium vs. Enameled Steel Pots
Date: 1989-05-26 17:28:00 GMT

I own two 5 gallon boiling pots (one stainless and one enameled steel)
and am considering moving up to a 7 or 8 gallon pot (enough for a five
gallon boil). I can't afford stainless, and am considering aluminium or
enameled steel.

Some recent discussion has been on this net regarding aluminium:

> The major reason (that I have heard) that people advise against using
> aluminum is that large quantities of it in the brain are linked with
> Alzheimer's disease.

> There is another reason to avoid the aluminum boiling vessel besides
> the obvious health risk. Aluminum imparts a nasty flavour to most
> anything cooked in it. Avoid it, and you have eliminate one source
> of off-flavours in your beer.

I went to my local restaurant-supply store today, looking for a kettle. I
found stainless and aluminium, but no enameled steel. Based on the above
discussion, I was surprised that restaurants use aluminium pots - do they
get nasty flavors or Alzheimer's disease?

I've was told that enameled steel pots are not allowed in restaurants; the
health authorities are afraid of chipped pots. I'm not sure if they are
worried about the chips themselves, or the reaction of the exposed metal
with the food. Either way, restaurants seem to have no problems using
aluminium, but shy away from enamel because of health risks.

Are our requirements that different from restaurants? My feeling is that
they are so I'll look around some more for a 8 gallon enameled steel pot.

mike fertsch

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