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From: dredge@hitchrack.STANFORD.EDU (Michael Eldredge)
Subject: Re: Sam Adams ALE - made in Boston!
Date: 1989-05-28 22:28:38 GMT

Personally, I like Sam Adams' Lager. I like it alot. I had it a
couple years ago on a trip to Boston and it is now available here in
the San Francisco area. I don't drink it frequently -- but then
again, I don't drink any one beer frequently because we are lucky
enough to have so many good beers available.

I think it is *extremely* wrong to bash SA's product. You can
like it or not -- ie: it tastes good or it tastes bad. But the
owner and company and company policy are not the beer.

It is important to separate discussion of product and marketing
methods. While I agree that Koch and his strategies are "asshole-ish",
he has had a net positive influence on the resurgence of good beer in
the US. Through whatever means, he has got a small scale, non-US/rice
style beer out in many markets. He has raised the awareness of a
broad spectrum of people. As homebrewers, we are (or at least -- can
be) quite snobby about all facets of the brewing process (I know I
am). But as homebrewers we are also the minority of beer drinkers. I
welcome ANYONE that can get more and more of the public to take an
interest in what they drink -- to recognize that there is not one
particular taste that is "beer".

All the Boston bickering is only helping the consumer. They are
getting better and better beer every year. Last month I was back
in Boston and lived at the Commonwealth Brewery, drank a fair bit
of Harpoon Ale and even toured the Harpoon Brewery (and just missed
the opening of the Cambridge Brewery). There is constantly more to
choose from.

BTW, out of all the "Boston" beers, I like Commonwealth's Celtic Ale
the best, followed by Sam Adams Lager. But I'm willing to re-assess
my list on my next trip out.

Michael Eldredge
Stanford University, IC Lab

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