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From: dredge@hitchrack.STANFORD.EDU (Michael Eldredge)
Subject: Re: Bud Bashing (was Reinheitsgebot)
Date: 1989-05-28 22:46:04 GMT

> Date: Tue, 23 May 89 14:36:49 EDT
> From: holos0!
> Subject: Bud Bashing (was Reinheitsgebot)

> If you don't like Budweiser, it means you don't like its *style*.

No. I don't like Budweiser! I like American Lager/Pilsner *style*
beers. On hot sunny days there is nothing better than a Strohs, or
Coors, or Miller, or Hielmans or Henry's. But Bud is another story.
Besides its taste, I have never had such bad hangovers from any other

I'm sure the point was:
If you don't like American Lagers, it means you don't
like [their] *style*.
and that Bud is the big American Beer. But I just don't like Bud.

BTW, for some real fun -- let's take the Sam Adams/Jim Koch
marketing technique conversation and apply it to A-B's marketing.
I would contend that Bud is the number one selling beer NOT because
it is the best, but because it is pushed the best. "Sam Adams --
Boston's patriot and first party animal!"

Michael Eldredge
Stanford University, IC Lab

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