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From: "Lance "Bits B We" Smith" <>
Subject: Aluminum Pots
Date: 1989-05-29 18:36:19 GMT

To help murk up the brew pot debate some more...

The argument that I have heard against aluminum pots is that although not
reactive for most cooking, they do react somewhat with the usual wort
mixture and that this might impart an off flavor. The same argument goes
somewhat for enamel pots. As long as the enamel is intact no problem, but
the exposed steel could corrupt the brew. That's the usual line in the
brew books. Of course, we brewers tend to hold onto anything we hear so
I'm not sure if this is all scientifically correct.

If you're looking for an enamel pot (although one of our department stores
just had a 40% sale on stainless pots which I managed to miss until it was
over!) you might want to wait for the preserving season. When I was in a
smaller town, I called all over town trying to find a pot that could handle
at least 4 gallons. Finally tracked one down at some remote store on the edge
of town. Three months later all the stores had them and most were on sale.
You usually will get a jar holder too! (No really brewing use, but it's free.)

Lance Smith

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