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From: paul@cacilj.uucp (Paul Close)
Subject: Is a secondary fermentor needed?
Date: 1989-05-30 04:29:25 GMT

I'm working on a batch of Homebrew--it's the first I've done for several
years. I used to transfer the wort to a secondary fermentor after a few days.
Based on articles I've seen here, I'm wondering if this is still a necessary
step. I've got the wort in a 6 gallon canning container (I boiled all 5
gallons). I have a thick sheet of plastic tied over the top of the container.

Which would introduce more contamination: leaving it where it is for the
whole fermentation process, or transferring it to a glass carboy with a vapor
Paul Close paul@cacilj.CTS.COM ...!{uunet, ucsd, crash}!cacilj!paul

The Obi-wan Kenobi method: "Use the Source, Luke" -Jim Fulton

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