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Subject: Stirring the wort
Date: 1989-05-30 14:19:00 GMT

Has anyone tried using an automatic stirrer in their brewing ?
I found a device at my sister's house a couple months ago.
She was using it to stir gravy, and it worked well. She bought
one for me and I have used it in my last two batches. It works
great. It is a small pyrex dish, about the size of a small
ashtray. I put it at the bottom of my brewing pot and as the
boiling starts, the "ashtray" rotates and mixes the stuff. A
great helper! And I haven't had my usual problem of scorching
on the bottom of the pot. The last two batches have left clean
pots. Best of all, I don't have to keep on top of the boiling
action now. I think it cost $5.00 at a local gourmet shop.

Has anyone else used a similar device ?

Mark Nevar

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