From the HBD Archive
Subject: Re: Headaches, US Beer, Volksfest, etc
Date: 1989-05-30 20:43:01 GMT

Thanks go to Daryl Richman for his comments on brew process,
quality of US beers, headaches, etc.

My German friends also commented on the headaches they got from
drinking US beers, so I don't think it is indicative of my
personal chemistry.

I'd still like to obtain a satisfactory explanation of why some
beers produce headaches while others do not. So far, I have heard
a lot of good ideas, but none convincing enough for my "Doubting
Thomas" sort of skepticism. I, meanwhile, cling to the bad
water/poor process explanations. I will give a suitable prize
to the first person who can convince me otherwise.

On the subject of aluminum in brewing--I'd stay away from cooking
anything acidic in aluminum. Why take a chance?


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