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From: hplabs!decvax!wang!mds (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)
Subject: Boston Ale
Date: 1989-05-30 21:36:55 GMT

More more news from the Boston area brewing scene. Recently I was in Cambridge
to hear Carla Bley and Steve Swallow play their Duets at the Regattabar,
expecting to down Harpoon draughts all evening, a pleasant enough way to
while away the time. The Regattabar, in keeping with its policy of keeping with
its clientele, has recently started serving the Boston Beer Company's new
Boston Ale, also known (incorrectly) as Sam Adams Ale. I couldn't turn down
the opportunity, nor, I found, could I turn down a repeat of the opportunity,
nor a repeat of the repeat. Simply put, Boston Ale is one of the best beers
I've ever drunk in the U.S., with all of the lovely hops character that makes
Harpoon so tasty, and all of the malt flavor that I've wished Harpoon had.
Really now, anyone who can make a beer this good can't be all bad. Give this
one a try if you see it somewhere.

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