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From: (Michael Bergman)
Subject: Aluminum Pots
Date: 1989-05-30 14:27:03 GMT

I would say not to cook anything acidic in an aluminum pot. I would
imagine that would include most worts--and since you're keeping it at
high temperature for a relatively long time, I don't think it matters
whether its "highly" acidic or just "mildly" acidic--it won't eat
through the pot, but it'll get far enough to pick up a flavor.

Documentation: I have witnessed the effects of a mild acid (tomato
paste) left in an aluminum pot overnight (don't think of it as losing
a pot--think of it as gaining a sieve...) I have also noticed that
aluminum has a distinct taste.

Around here, one can frequently pick up inexpensive 5-7 gallon
enamelled pots intended for canning or juicing or steaming. The local
surplus/salvage place has them frequently for about 5-6 bucks. These
are cheap, thin pots that will not stand up to any abuse, but if you
treat them well they will get you going and keep you going for a
reasonable amount of time. Stainless pots, new, go for somewhere in
the $60-$100 range at the restaraunt supply places, but can sometimes
be found cheap at auctions and tag sales.

--mike bergman

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