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From: Mike Fertsch <hplabs!uiucdcs!meccad.RAY.COM!FERTSCH>
Subject: More on Liquid Yeast
Date: 1988-12-18 01:27:00 GMT

Jeff Miller ( writes:

> > The yeast comes in a pouch that you squish together to
> > activate (is this common??)???

Wyeast yeast comes in a foil package containing yeast and starter. You
skwish it to start the process going. It's very convenient. Other liquid
yeasts such as MeV (Toronto, Canada) give you a little vial for which you
have to prepare the starter.

> > When I calculated the shipping costs it was over 1/4 the price
> > of the package. Should I expect this when I mail order???

One retailer in Western Massachusetts (Charlie Olchowski/Frozen Wort in
Greenfield) started carrying Wyeast over a year ago. At that time he could
NOT SELL THE YEAST MAILORDER. If I wanted it, I had to drive to his house
to pick it up personally. I was told that the Wyeast Lab was concenrned
about spoilage and would not allow him to ship it by UPS or US mail. He
received his yeasts by overnight express in a special refrigerated package
(dry ice??). If Wyeast still requires special shipping, that might explain
the high shipping cost. They weigh only a few ounces, so shipping
shouldn't be expensive.

> > Does anybody have any recomendations as to a more reasonable
> > mail order place?

I've done business with three local retailers here in Massachusetts. They
sell Wyeast for the standard $4; I don't know if they ship it. Wyeast Labs
will not sell directly to individuals.

Frozen Wort / 473 Main St, PO Box 988 / Greenfield MA
Bierhaus International / 4 Corey St / West Roxbury, MA
Beer and Wine Hobby / PO Box 3104 / Wakefield, MA

(I have no vested interest in any of these reltailer's business. I'm just a
satisfied customer.)

Mike Fertsch

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