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Subject: Heyyo again, temporarily.
Date: 1989-06-01 18:58:00 GMT

Sorry I missent last message. It's somewhere in mid-air.

I have FINISHED my 400-page thesis and am now once more
"communicado." HOORAY! HUZZAH! ETC.

I have several brief messages to convey.

To Roger and Alex in Greater Boston area:
I have difficulty contacting you via bitnet. Please
send surface address via email (YOURS got through to
ME) if you seriously desire meeting & exchange of
ideas when I'm going through. Will be able to meet
you EITHER sometime September OR next spring/summer.
Do not expect to have access to computer facilities
after August this year. Would be delighted to bend
an elbow and share brewing experiences.

To Rob:
In case I forget, in the rush of leaving, please sign
me off the list as of 1 September 1989. Do NOT, please,
sign me off immediately, as I really do enjoy this forum.
As for YOU, I think you have done and are doing a GREAT,
not to say F_A_N_T_A_S_T_I_C job. You deserve rousing
cheers and many bottles of the best available product.
Thank you! (There, I've done it, so I don't need to
keep reminding myself.)

To Jon:
Probably in September. If not, possibly in spring, when
I start eastward. Keep in touch.

To the rest of you:
It looks like I will be leaving Newfoundland at the end
of August and heading fairly rapidly for California. Will
fly back to Philadelphia third weekend in October for
American Folklore Society meeting, then on to Newfoundland
again for Convocation, toi receive my M.A., and back to
Calif. Will be running up and down Pacific coast during
winter, living in motorhome. In spring will head back to
Atlantic seaboard and will definitely be near NYC, Boston,
Halifax. Might possibly be coming by way of Galveston.
Am leaving for England in fall of '90. Might also make it
to Great Lakes area, but not quite so likely. Anybody who
wants to mix pleasurable converse with my fieldwork, let
me know.
surface = Morgiana P. Halley
Dept. of Folklore, MUN
St. John's, Nfld., CANADA, A1C 5S7 (till end of Aug.)

, c/o Steele
1598 Hillcrest Dr.
Arroyo Grande CA 93420 (homebase till leave for UK)

I am hopful (that was intentional) of hearing from many of you.

Closing with favourite Spanish proverb:
Dime lo que cantas, y te dire quien eres.
(Tell me what you sing, and I'll tell you who you are).

Happy airlocks to all,
--Ye Olde Batte

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