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From: Andre Petit/Hydro-Quebec/QC/Canada 514-652-8060 <petit%ireqs3.uucp@RELAY.CS.NET>
Subject: Almost Old Faithfull
Date: 1989-06-06 12:57:48 GMT

I have experienced something similar to the Old Faithful of
Tom Hotchkiss, but not as severe as he described. That was
with a pale ale using all grain. I have left the second stage
of fermentation for 2 months at about 15 degres Celcius (59F).
The yeast was an ale variety from Edme. Primary fermentation
has been quite active for 2 days then drop sharply. Secondary
fermentation was always very slow. A relative density of 1.010
seemed high but I decided to bottle anyway. Two weeks after bottling,
carbonation was already quite high, but seems to have stabilized
after 4 weeks.

Later, I brew a similar batch (with flaked corn) that shows a
similar fermentation pattern until the temperature in the
appartment rose to about 23 C (73F). During the 2 months period
of stage 2 fermentation at 15 C, only 1 bubble every 2 minutes
was visible. But when temperature rose to 23 C, bubbles began
to shows in great numbers.

I think that even after 2 months, my batch of "almost Old Faithfull"
has been bottled but has not yet finished fermentation because
of chilly yeast. The second batch is not yet ready to bottle.
A batch made with malt extract using exactly the same kind of
yeast don't shows such a strange behavior.

Next time, I think I will try to change yeast brand or variety
(lager yeast to make ale?). I dont't think contamination is the

Andre Petit, UUCP: petit@ireqs3.uucp
Institut de Recherche d'Hydro-Quebec,
1800 Montee Ste-Julie, Varennes,
P. Quebec, Canada, J0L 2P0
Tel: 514-652-8060 Fax: 514-652-8051

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