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From: Jason Goldman <hp-lsd!jdg>
Subject: Lager vs Steam:an experiment
Date: 1989-06-06 14:36:17 GMT

I've just recently conducted an interesting experiment. My most recent
batch of beer is a lager (J's Bock Cantata), the first I have tried. My
basement, at the time of fermentation, stayed around 55 degrees, so that went
fine. When it came time to bottle, things were warming up, so I fit a case
and a half into my bar refrigerator so I could lager the brew at 40 degrees.
The remainder I let age at room temperature (65 - 75 degrees). This worked
out well for providing a comparison between lager and steam beers. The lager
was significantly smoother than the steam (tho both are tasty). The only
thing that I regret is that I underprimed the batch and it is not as
carbonated as I like (I don't want a geyser, but I like to get a little head

Jason Goldman

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