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From: Darryl Richman <>
Subject: Applying science
Date: 1988-12-19 13:24:35 GMT

Having just read Cheryl Feinstein's introduction, her profession piques
my interest, and perhaps she can provide some more information. I have
a high school quality microscope: coarse and fine adjusting, 2 oculars
at 10 and 15x, 3 objectives at 5, 20, and 40x, an understage aperture
control, and a mirror. I've been through a number of breweries and
they all seem to have a lab with a lab microscope. I've looked at
yeast starters through this, and by gosh, there are lots and lots of
little cells floating around in it. My question is, how can I make use
of this to better understand my yeast? How can I determine the yeast
density? What stains are useful for seeing the yeast, and what are
useful for seeing other infecting agents? What other tools should I
acquire to aid me in this endeavor?

--Darryl Richman
(The Falcon's Nest homebrewer's BBS Sysop--818 349 5891)

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