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From: Dr. T. Andrews <tanner@ki4pv>
Subject: Re: Yeasts, Sweeter Beers, Bad Smells, Boom
Date: 1989-06-07 11:11:12 GMT

) ... Some kits provide wickedly pleasant yeasts - Dogbolter ...
Yes, the Dogbolter yeast is a nice one. It also works well, and
starts quickly. I use it for most of my beers now, and am happy
with it. It's easy to re-use the stuff; grab the sludge from
secondary fermentation of one batch, and you have plenty for several
batches of beer.

To re-use the stuff: after racking the beer from the secondary
fermentation vessel, you will have a mass of yeast sludge in the
bottom. Sterilize the top of the carboy in the locally approved
manner (I use vodka) and pour the mess into a sterile jar. Cap,
store in back of refrigerator.

To make beer: just scoop some of it out; drop it into a nice, warm
batch of malt solution (aka "sterile wort"); cover and let it start
while you boil your wort. By the time the wort is boiled and
chilled, you have a good crop of yeast ready to take off immediately.

Dr. T. Andrews, Systems
CompuData, Inc. DeLand
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