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From: (a.e.mossberg)
Subject: Re: "narcotic herb"
Date: 1989-06-08 14:36:26 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #171, Tony Burgess sez:

>mixed results. We made a batch of Papazian's Propensity Pilsener, replacing on
>e ounce of boiling hops with an ounce of the aforementioned narcotic herb. The
>good news is that the narcotic properties transferred perfectly. The bad news
>is that it was practically undrinkable. The taste was utterly foul and complet
>ely unfamiliar. By adding a few (6 or 7) drops of pure hop extract to a beer j
>ust before drinking it, we were able to make it palatable. Here are the mistak
>es I think we made. We should have made a much more full-bodied and flavorful
>brew (though not too alcoholic, of course), and we ought to have increased rath
>er than decreased the amount of hops used, so as to obscure the awful flavor of
> the other herb. Those are my suggestions for anyone who wants to try this.

"narcotic herb"? Let's see, you must be saying that you used opium.. Now if
you're trying to say that you used something in the genus Cannabis, it is
decidedly not classified as narcotic.

Now, I... er.. a friend did this, but did not replace the Humulus with Cannabis
but merely reduced the former, and added a quantity of the latter.

Umm. Did you follow that? Rather than eliminating totally the hops, just
reduce it slightly or not at all, and add the additional herb.

It works very nicely, and there was no off tastes in the sample I tried.

Maybe there was some pesticide residue? Or it wasn't cleaned properly?
Or it wasn't put in the boil (to sterilize it)? Etc. Etc.

>A slightly more ambitious approach, if you have a green thumb, is to graft a ho
>p shoot onto the root of its friendly cousin.You will produce a truly extraordi
>nary hop plant, at least according to a book I was reading recently on the subj
>ect. [...]

This has been suggested, but I haven't heard of anyone actually doing it.
I suspect the benefits are limited, and if the plant is illegal, the root is

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