From the HBD Archive
Subject: hops and relatives
Date: 1989-06-09 15:06:00 GMT

Erik Henchal writes:

> Excuss me a minute, while I flame. 1) Hops and that other herb
> to which you are referring, besides being plants, are not
> related. 2) Why would you put anything in beer or encourage
> others to use ingredients which contribute negatively to the
> flavor and natural aroma of beer? 3)If you want to use drugs, go
> ahead. But if you want to brew REAL beer, use only hops, malt,
> water and yeast.

Actually, hops and "that other herb" are quite closely related. While
they are species of two different genera, those genera are the only
members of the family Cannabaceae. Mind you, I still can't imagine
putting the stuff in beer.

Erik Biever

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