From the HBD Archive
From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: David Line
Date: 1989-06-09 17:53:33 GMT

Dave Line was killed in a car crash around
1980 after advancing homebrewing a lot. Much
of his work was seminal (e.g. "alpha acid
units" for easily quantifying hop bitterness).
As clearly explained in "Brewing Beers Like
Those you Buy", he used saccharin to get around
limits in the homebrew technique and materials
available to his readers.

>If you want sweeter beer, add more crystal malt.

If you want sweetness without a lot of extra
color (*all other things being equal*) you might
try dextrin malt (if you can sparge) or malto
dextrin (if you don't want to). But then you've
got to adjust your other ingredients to maintain
the target gravities you are after, etc, etc.
Neither cystal nor dextrin malts may always
act as a substitute for nonattenuative or
semiattenuative yeasts, or for more precise mashing
techniques. These things all interact.

We're all in violent agreement about not using
saccharin in homebrew so let's move on.

--Pete Soper

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