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From: (a.e.mossberg)
Subject: Re: lots of stuff in Homebrew #173
Date: 1989-06-10 21:02:04 GMT

In Homebrew #173, all these people had things to say:

Paul A. Ebersman, in "Just getting started"

>I am just getting into the idea of brewing my own beer, and would appreciate
>pointers as to:

>1) Instruction/Recipe books worth having

I like Dave Line's book. Most people on this list are awfully fond of
Charlie Papazians. Undoubtably, both would be suitable for you.

>2) Are kits the way to start? Which kits work well?

Kits are extremely easy, and there isn't an appreciable cost difference one
way or another. Going from malt is alot of work over much of a day. The
two malts I use most often are Dogbolter, and Mountmellick Irish Stout.
Your tastes may vary. Experiment!

>3) Mail order companies that have pieces/parts/yeasts, etc.

The place I work, Wine & Brew By You, in South Miami, has an incredibly
large selection, probably the largest in the country. In general, if you have
a local shop, you should frequent it before using a mail order establishment.
Wine & Brew By You does do mail order, call at (305) 666-5757.

Then Michael Berry, in response to a posting of mine asks (regarding
the use of C. Sativa in homebrew):

>I must ask - did it produce any "interesting" results from this adjunct?

I thought it was very nice, but the effects were not as pronounced as
other means of ingestion, and I would suggest that it has more novelty
value than anything else. Be sure to observe local laws! :-)

Then Erik A. Henchal, in an apparent retraction to his earlier comments
(which provoked multiple flames largely filling issue 173) says:

>Apparently, I spoke hastely when I stated that hops and THE herb
>(that dopes use) are not related. Even though everyone can see
>that they are clearly different broad terms, they
>are related. Therefore I retract my previous comment.

"THE herb (that dopes use)"? You must be referring to tobacco. :-)
Whether you agree or not with current laws regarding use of some
organic substances doesn't give you the right to determine the views of
others. Historically numereous drugs have been used by people, and just
because today the legally approved drugs are tobacco and alcohol don't mean
shit. Then again, the military isn't known for breeding open-mindedness,
is it?

Lastly, Patrick Garvin asks:

>How safe/advisable is it to brew (primary fermentation) in a plastic
>garbage can? (Such as those made of hard plastic sold by Hefty.)

Well, I wouldn't suggest brewing in non-food grade plastics. Hefty
undoubtably makes food grade plastic containers, if you can find them.
"Stay away from colored containers" is a good rule of thumb.

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