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From: Dr. T. Andrews <tanner@ki4pv>
Subject: Growing Hops and Propagating Vines
Date: 1989-06-11 13:46:53 GMT

As a follow-up on messages of this spring, I had the ill fortune to
have one of my vines severed practically at the ground. I do not
know whether it was the cat, or the wind, or some insect that tood
a bite and died. Given that it was one of two vines, I was not

I cut the vine (while still green and healthy) into pieces of about a
foot each, and buried an end of each piece. I was sure to have at
least one set of leaves buried, and a set above ground. I watered
daily; we have not been getting the rain we expect.

This was over a month ago, and three pieces are still green and in
fact appear to be growing. This suggests that they may have formed
some roots, and next year I may have several new pieces of root which
may be transplanted.

Dr. T. Andrews, Systems
CompuData, Inc. DeLand
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