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Subject: Brewing with Fruit.
Date: 1989-06-13 16:53:03 GMT

Hi! I'm a new brewer who became inspired to brew through reading this digest.
My first brew turned out to be a nice light pale ale. O.G. of 54, T.G. of 5.
This seemed pretty low, but it's O.K. I used 2 cans of Alexanders Sun Country
and 1 # of 20 l. Crystal malt for my malt. We have some frozen strawberries
and rasberries from last year that my wife is willing to let me brew with. They
still taste fine, just are mushy from being frozen. I'd like to brew a fruit
ale using my first recipe and adding the fruit. I assume the fruit is put in
during the boil. For a 5 gallon batch I did a 90 minute boil, starting with
3 gallons and boiling to 2 gallons.

How much fruit do I use and when do I add it to the boil? The liquid yeasts
I have access to are the W'yeast products. Which yeast should I use? Anything
special I need to do to brew with fruit?

Thanks, Bryan Olson bryan@tekgen.UUCP

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