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From: (a.e.mossberg)
Subject: Re: Dave Barry article in #176
Date: 1989-06-14 14:01:05 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #176 Steve Anthony quotes (without permission) Dave
Barry's Homebrew article:

>So for many years I had no hobby. When I would fill out questionaires and
>they would ask what my hobbies were, I would put ``narcotics'', which was
>of course a totally false humorous joke. And then one day, my editor took
>me to a store where they sell beer-makeing equipment. Other writers, they
>have editors who inspire them to new heights of literary achievement, but
>the two major contributions my editor has made to my artistic development
>are (1) teaching me to juggle and (2) taking me to his beer-making store
>where a person named Craig gave me free samples until he could get a hold
>of my Visa card.

The shop in question is Wine & Brew By You, in South Miami. The Craig
also in question is Craig McTyre, co-owner of said store (along with Sandy
Morgan - Hi guys!).

Dave Barry wrote the article shortly after moving to South Florida permanently
(he had been writing a column for the Tropic Magazine in the Miami Herald
for awhile "long-distance"). I also had the good/mis fortune to see a video
with Dave Barry and Craig Mctyre wherein they attempted to show how to make
beer (it was a segment on a local tv show).

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