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Subject: Response to items in # 176
Date: 1989-06-14 16:28:00 GMT

RE:brewing with fruit

This concerns experience with BLACK raspberries
I do not add fruit to the boil, this will set the pectins
creating a haze, I usually do it after the boil and let them
steep for about 5-8 min. or if I am doing a big batch, I
pasteurize them separately. I always freeze them first to break
up the cell structure and let the juice out, I then sparge into
the wort, as I do single stage ferments and this stuff will clog
the blow off tube. I generally use a wheat malt extract with
this so as to emulate Lambic Frambozen. I have used up to about
a pound per gallon. I was talking to Papazian last week (at the
brewing conference) and he was saying go for 1.5 to 2.0 lbs per
gallon, this would be pretty good for a mead, in my opinion. The
raspberries are pretty acidic, and take a while to age in the
brew, unfortunately the aromatics tend to get lost early on, the
Belgians add the fruit to create a secondary ferment. Try a
Lindimanns 'Framboise' to see what you are shooting for, they use
unmalted wheat in their brew.

There is an article on fruit beers in the summer 87 Zymurgy.
It recommends apple, pineapple, cranberry and raspberry in
grocery liquid form. The basic recipe is as follows.

1 4-lb. can Alexanders pale malt extract
1/2-lb. light dry malt extract
Hops to HBU=10 (Homebrew Bittering Units = Alpha acid content times ounces)
(divide by gallons to get HBU <as I understand it>)
1/4 irish moss (add at last 15 min of boil)
2 gallons of the above fruit juice.

Fred Eckhardt has a pineapple 'training beer', after a taste of
that, I will probably not experiment with that fruit.

Dave Sheehy was asking about shipping homebrew. I do it every
year to the nationals competition, Zymurgy says its legal, if
they ask its NON-PERISHABLE FOOD IN GLASS, but well packed and
double boxed (dbl boxing is a good idea). Also Papazian's world
famous Prickly Pear Cactus Mead (Dave Spauldings 1986 Arizona
State grand prize winner recipe) is as follows

to make 5 gallons
20 lbs. Mesquite honey (!)
75-100 ripe Prickly Pear Cactus fruits
2 packs dried sherry wine yeast

O.G. 1.158
F.G. 1.050
Age when judged - 5 months (!)
Its age at winning the prize,

Zymurgy has a book called Brewing Mead ($9.95) and, Wine and
Beers of Old New England ($5.95), which has birch, spruce, maple
and ivy recipes.


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