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From: dwc@olivey.ATC.Olivetti.Com (Dan Crocker)
Subject: bad smell while making lager
Date: 1989-06-14 23:07:21 GMT

Hi there fellow home brewers. I just found out about this mailgroup so
I decided to give it a test. I had a question about making lagers. A friend
of mine and I have made about four batches of pretty standard looking
lagers. While they were fermenting, they smelled alot like rotten garbage
(a really offensive smell anyway). However, the ales I have made don't
smell anything like that. I heard that this meant that the fermentation
temperature of the lager was too high. The funny thing is that it
doesn't seem to affect the taste to any great degree. However, I have
always wondered whether or not the smelll indicates improper fermentation
and hence causes the taste to be subtly affected. Anyone experience
something similar? Did it affect the taste? How did you solve it?
Thanks in advance for your responses.


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