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From: (Peter Klausler)
Subject: Dextrinous Porter
Date: 1989-06-15 14:34:54 GMT

I brewed a Porter last weekend from
8 lbs. Munton & Fison 2-row pale malt
1.5 lbs. crystal malt
0.25 lb. chocolate malt
0.25 lb. black malt
0.5 lb. flaked barley
in the mash. Unfortunately, my mash temp was too high, as I misjudged the
quantity of strike liquor, and the mash spent a lot of time in the 160-170 deg F
range before I brought it down to 154. Conversion was good (OG 1.048 for 5 gal.)
but now, after fermentation with Edme dry ale yeast has settled down to a
1-bubble per 2 minute rate in my carboy, the gravity is 1.024. It is not very
bitter (1 oz. Willamette and 0.5 oz Cascade in 90 min. boil, with 0.5 oz Cascade
dry-hopped in the fermenter after foam fell); it's sweet, as I feared.

I suspect that there's nothing I can do now to turn this sweet stuff into the
dry Porter I intended, so my question to this (wonderful!) mailing list is
not "How do I fix it?" but rather, "Is this some obscure style that I can claim
I intended to brew in the first place?" I guess I need some level of "plausible

Rob: 400 subscribers? Congratulations! This is a really valuable service; it's
fun reading, and has improved my brew immensely. Thanks!

Finally, a novice lager-brewing question. I don't have a spare fridge or cool
basement to lager in. Is it possible to lager in the bottle in a refrigerator,
after a warm primary fermentation? I've tried it once, and got some nasty
off-smells. I'm willing to try again if I get some reassurance that it's not
a completely lame idea.

-Peter Klausler @ Cray Research compiler development / St. Paul, Minn. "071i30"

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