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From: hplabs!decvax!wang!mds (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)
Subject: A Page From The Brewing Journal
Date: 1989-06-15 21:21:10 GMT

A page from the brewing journal (a lesson in excess):


Batch 8 - July 7, 1987
Crankcase Stout (Stout III)

- 1 lb. crushed crystal malt
- 1 lb. crushed roasted barley
- 1-1/2 lbs. crushed black malt

I put these delights into two gallons of water and got it boiling, eventually.
Boiled about 10-15 minutes, then scooped out most of the miscellaneous, putting
some into another pot to soak with clear water.

- 9 lbs. Munton&Fison dark dried malt extract

This was somewhat exciting, as by the third bag the sluice was thick enough
that the malt balled up extravagantly. Continued application of heat settled
things down nicely.

- 1 can John Bull dark hopped malt extract

As if I really needed more ingredients.

- 2 inches brewer's licorice

Thick soup, this. I added the juice from the extra pot, black stuff by now,
all tart flavor. Two hours after starting, it was finally boiling.

- 2 oz. Nugget leaf hops
- 2 oz. Galena leaf hops

Possibly another 1 oz. of Nugget. I forget.

- 1 oz. Cascade hops
- 2 packets Doric ale yeast

For finishing. Total boil time was about 70 minutes. Literally porridge by
finishing time. Turned out to be only two gallons of wort - need a bigger pot
for this mess. One boilover didn't help. Took the usual amount of time to cool,
then I pitched double yeast and a 1 oz. packet of amylase enzyme, finally
retiring for the night after about 6 hours work.

Whoomp! exploded the cover off the plastic fermenter. Marvelous mess all over
the walls. Had to scoop cubic yards of foam out of the fermenter to get the
cover back on.

Long secondary fermentation, perhaps 3 weeks. Already intimidated.

Heavy, strong, thick. Not really drinkable by 11/88. Interesting, but not
completely enjoyable. Too much of too many good things.


Ah, for the innocent days of youth...
At least now I know my limits.

Marc San Soucie
The John Smallbrewers

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