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From: att!iwtio!korz@hplabs.HP.COM
Subject: HBU and sanitation
Date: 1989-06-17 16:00:18 GMT

I believe that HBU (Homebrew Bittering Units) are based on
five gallon batches. Thus, if you have a recipe that calls
for 10 HBU and is for a five gallon batch, you can use
2 ounces of 5% alpha acid hops or 1 ounce of 10% alpha acid
hops, etc. On the other hand, if you are making a 7 gallon
batch, you would need 14/5 or 2 4/5 ounces of 5% AA hops or
7/5 or 1 2/5 ounces of 10% AA hops or 2 ounces of 7% AA hops,

Although I've never tried making a fruit beer, I've read that
you don't want to boil the fruit, just sanitize it. 180 degrees
is sufficient to kill most bacteria and wild yeasts, so I would
suggest steeping the fruit in the wort after the boil.

Roger: I'm curious as to why putting anything in your beer
on the second or third day of the ferment would keep you
from getting a bacterial infection or starting a wild yeast
in your brew. Granted, your yeast has a big lead on the
new "diner," but I would still rather sanitize anything
I put in my beer whenever the beer is below 180 degrees
and not even THINK about worrying.


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