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Subject: Beginning mashing & water filters
Date: 1989-06-22 12:11:12 GMT

I have been thinking about getting into all-grain brewing for a while, but
haven't done anything about it. The most recent issue of Zymurgy has an
article on mashing using the single-step infusion method and a cooler. For all
you grain brewers out there - Does this seem a good beginner method to you ?
Also, the author uses a brew-boiler. Is this needed ? Or could I heat the
water in my kettle ? I guess the brew-boiler is better in that the spigot
can regulate the flow. Any ideas on doing this with a kettle.?
I guess I'd need a wort chiller now, too.

Any other pointers for the first-time masher are also welcome.

Another comment about the most recent Zymurgy:
I was a little overcome by the ads for water filters and articles on water
in general. Don't get me wrong. The Miller article on water treatment was
facinating, but the full-page water filter ads were a little much, especially
combined with the reverse-osmosis article. I got confused as to which article
the ads were aimed at. Anyone concur ?

Mark Nevar

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