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Subject: Help with stopped fermentation
Date: 1988-12-19 14:55:12 GMT

Help! I need some fermentation suggestions. I am in the middle of a
2 Cans Munton & Fison Old Ale Extract
2 Lbs Pale Malt
2 Oz Northern Brewer Hops
1 tsp Gypsum
2 Packages of Ale yeast (from the Monton & Fison cans)
For a 5-gallon mix.

It started at 1054 and by the next morning was bubbling as furiously as
anything I have ever had. BUT! Two days later it stopped bubbling.
I measured it and transfered to the secondary.

It was 1024. I hoped it would continue in the secondary, but no luck.
It 1024 a reasonable specific gravity for this? Can I go ahead and bottle
it or should I wait?

I need some suggestions.

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