From the HBD Archive
From: pacbell!pbmoss!mal@hplabs.HP.COM
Subject: Thanks!
Date: 1989-06-22 19:45:01 GMT

Oh, what have I wrought? Thanks to all who've supplied my missing Digests,
and especially to Jim Bauer, Mike Kahn, and Joshua Glasser (Win, Place,
and Show, respectively). The instant and huge response to my request
is extremely heartening! Homebrewers certainly are a helpful bunch, aren't
they? Thanks again to all. - Martin
= Martin A. Lodahl Pac*Bell Minicomputer Operations Support Staff =
= {att,bellcore,sun,ames}!pacbell!pbmoss!mal 916/972-4821 =
= If it's good for ancient Druids, runnin' nekkid through the wuids, =
= Drinkin' strange fermented fluids, it's good enough for me! 8-) =

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