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From: John S. Watson <>
Subject: Label Images Wanted
Date: 1989-06-22 20:36:38 GMT

Hello Homebrewers,

After my seventh batch of homebrew I wish to make some labels for my
homebrew, and use the various painting programs on my computer.

The problem is, none of these programs have any pictures of barley or hops or
beer-like things.

So, would anybody have some "beer" images, icons, etc. they'd like to send
me, or even examples of labels you have made with your computers.
(I can decode and convert to just about any standard format, gif: sun-raster,
tif or even raw.) Please uuencode them.
I'd also like to get a hold of some nice big old fashioned looking fonts.

Also, what kind of information do you folks like to put on the label.
Here's what I'm including: name of my beer, type of beer, month/year made,
and batch number. Anything else come to mind?

What is the best way to get old labels and foil off?

UUCP: ...!ames!watson

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