From the HBD Archive
From: "Allen J. Hainer" <>
Subject: Interesting Ingredients
Date: 1989-06-22 23:24:36 GMT

In HBD #174, I posted a request for information about "interesting
ingredients", in other words, anything besides malt, hops and yeast.
I promised to summarize and well ... I only got two responses. Before
I summarized, I decided to repost in the hopes that there were some
of you who decided to wait for someone else respond (I can't believe
that only 2/400 of you have tried anything creative in your beer).

I'm looking for accounts of any such experiences (maybe I wasn't so
clear about that in my original posting):

All this talk about different ingredients has brought up several examples
about which I know very little (my only references being Papazian's and
Birch's books):


Papazian has covered cherries, ginger, cinnamon plus various others
that were not mentioned.

I'm interested in three things about these ingredients in beer:

1 - What type of beer they are good in.

2 - Approxamately how much and when they should be added.

3 - What their affect is.

Any comments from those of you who have tried these or ANY other interesting
ingredients would be greatly appreciated (I know there must be A LOT of
creative homebrewers out there ;-) Please respond by e-mail, and I will
-Al (

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