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Subject: pyment recipe
Date: 1989-06-23 14:56:00 GMT

Dave Sheehy mmentioned that local beekeeper's are interested in our attempts
at mead. I've found the same to be true -- a promise of a bottle of the
finished products often results in a nice discount! He also requested a
recipe for the Riesling pyment I mentioned a few weeks back. Sorry to
tantalize without more info (mea culpa):

Riesling Pyment (5 gal.)

4.5 lb. wildflower honey
5.5 lb. partial blueberry honey
2 T. acid blend
1 T. pectic enzyme
4 lb. can Alexander's Johanissberg Riesling extract
1 pack Red Star Champagne yeast

Methods: From what I can decipher I boiled this in a small amount of water,
probably for 1 hour. [I have learned since, first from "Ye olde batte" whose
experience I respect, that meads should not be boiled lest the aromatics of
the honey be driven off -- This makes a lot of sense to me. My last effort
was held at pasteurizing temps (180-200) for about 2 hours rather than
boiled.] I transfered to the secondary after 8 days and bottled after about
4 months. As I said this is more winey than your straight mead, but very
pleasant. Medium dry and spritzig -- very nice as a table wine. Those of
you set up to crush your own grapes might try a grape/honey mix sometime. A
drink of noble history! I'd be interested to hear of anyone's attempts at a
cyser (a fermented honey/apple cider mix).

As far as collaborating, I'm willing to hold a "official mead tasting" in
my home (according to local laws) if people would be interested in exchanging
some mead samples. Contact me via E-mail.

Jackie Brown, Hickory Corners, MI Bitnet: BROWN@MSUKBS

P.S. PTGARVIN, did you get my e-mail regarding yarrow?

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