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From: "Lance "Bits B We" Smith" <>
Subject: Wheat Beers
Date: 1989-06-23 20:48:38 GMT

I'm am told by my mashing friends that wheat beers are somewhat difficult
to make because of the behavior of the wheat compared to malted barley.
(feel free to expand on this or contradict it as you see fit.)

If you're an extractor, I think there are only two available brands of
wheat extract. Ireks I think makes some (or is it the other German extract?)
and William's hombrew sells some of their own. The Homebrewery includes
some wheat with their Yellow Dog Extract, but not enough for a true wheat

William's also sells a liquid yeast pouch (made by Wyeast?) which they say
is made up of two strains of yeast to give the beer the authentic southern
Germany taste. (Whatever that means.) Dave Miller lists another German
lab culture which he recommends for Weizen beer. I'd need to check on that.

I've tried William's Weizen beer kit and it turned out fairly well as a
dunkel weizen. If you want their address send me a note at Their extract comes in 6 lb boiling bags. Their
kits include malt, yeast, and pellet hops (bittering and finishing). Their
prices seem high on some items but they'll ship it free if you're on the
West coast so maybe it balances out.

And don't forget to drink that Schell's award winning wheat beer when you're
in or around Minnesota!

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