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From: Dr. T. Andrews <tanner@ki4pv>
Subject: Re: Beginning mashing & water filters
Date: 1989-06-23 11:34:52 GMT

Yes, the single-step method in the picnic cooler is a good way for
the beginner to mash. In fact, it seems to serve more experienced
brewers as well.

No dedicated brew boiler is required, either; I use a canning pot
as a source of hot water for mashing. Re-fill, re-heat, use as a
source of hot water for sparging. After that, with the sparge
water gone, it serves me well as a boiling pot.

I do plan to buy a large (>= 7 gal) stainless stock pot as is used in
institutional cooking. Anyone know of any good buys on these?
..!!ki4pv!tanner ...!bpa!cdin-1!ki4pv!tanner
or... {allegra killer gatech!uflorida uunet!cdin-1}!ki4pv!tanner

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