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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: Cyser
Date: 1989-06-26 17:08:22 GMT

Jackie Brown asked if anyone has made cyser. I made a one gallon
"experimental" batch last fall with very good results. My second batch (5
gallons) is settling out in a carboy as we speak.

I don't have the recipe here at work, but here are some comments. I made up
my own recipe, starting with apple cider that contained no preservatves.
Using that as a base, I added honey until the specific gravity reached the
approximate SG of grape juice (I wanted the cyser to have about the same
amount of alcohol as wine). I then added potassium metabisulfate to the
honey/cider mixture to kill any wild yeast. After letting the must sit for
a couple days, I added two packages of Red Star Champagne yeast and let
nature take it's course.

The first batch turned out semi-dry, with a definite apple flavor (though
not sweet). With age the sharp apple flavor turned rather smooth. Very
nice, I think. I racked the second batch a couple weeks ago (tasting it in
the process), and it's coming along fine.

I can provide specifics about my recipe if anyone is interested. Note,
though, that it's very easy to make up your own recipes. I'm sure that
there are purists who will say that I cheated by using wine as a model for
my experiments, but that's how it goes.


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