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Subject: Re: Siphoning (From:
Date: 1989-06-27 14:41:35 GMT writes:

>When siphoning my brews, I've gotten the flow started by sucking on
>the end of the hoze (after rinsing my mouth with whiskey). I've
>never had a problem with contamination. However, I often wonder if
>there isn't a better way to do this. I have tried filling the hoze
>with water first, but this seems like a silly thing to do: expose
>the brew to fresh water. I don't think bleach solution is the
>solution either.
>Does anyone have a better idea on how to get the flow started when

What I usually do is dip an extra foot or so of tubing (assuming my
liquid level is fairly close to the top of my fermenter) into my
fermenter and then squeeze the tube and quickly pull the extra foot
back out again. When I pull the pinched tube out, it is filled with
wort. If the wort level is lower in the fermenter, you have to dip
more tubing into it. The idea is to pull out enough wort-filled
tubing to reach over the side of the fermenter and down to a level
that is below the wort level. With the standard 5 gallon carboy or
bucket filled nearly to the top, this is trivial. This technique
doesn't work with the rigid siphoning tubes that some homebrew shops

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