From the HBD Archive
From: Gordon Hester <>
Subject: RE: Siphoning
Date: 1989-06-27 17:45:55 GMT

In response to "florianb's" questions about siphoning: (sorry,
I forgot the real name)

The way I go about it is by sterilizing my hose in a weak bleach
solution first. At the same time, I boil up a couple of gallons
of water that I use for sterilizing other, non-meltable stuff
like a ladle and a thermometer. After that water cools down to about
150 F. or so, I put the hose in, making sure there aren't any air
bubbles in it. The I take it out, plunge one end into the big plastic
open fermenter that I rack the beer into before priming and bottling
and the other end into a bucket, and let it siphon until it looks like
beer instead of water (a matter of seconds and about a pint of liquid).
This way I don't have to suck on the hose, but I also don't have
to expose the beer to unsterile water. After just a few batches,
I've become adept enough at this that I think virtually none
of the water in the hose backs up into the beer, anyway.

Since I've mentioned sterilizing with bleach solution, I'd like
to ask how others view this - I seem to recall reading somewhere
that some people think using bleach to sterilize is a bad idea.
True? False? Why? How careful are people in rinsing out whatever
sterilizing solution they use from fermenters and bottles? I've
taken to washing bottles carefully with hot water, then soaking
them for a couple of days in a bathtub full of weak bleach solution,
then just draining them upside down in their boxes (lined with
newspaper) before bottling - no further rinsing. I haven't noticed
any off tastes or other effects from this. Comments/advice?

gordon hester

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