From the HBD Archive
From: Eric Durbin <>
Subject: Yet Another Siphon Start Method
Date: 1989-06-28 15:02:38 GMT

I purchased the following contraption from a supply store in MN:

blow here-\ / -attach hose here: into target container
\ |
base-xxxx-seals top of source carboy
|-rigid tube to carboy bottom

It consists of a base with two holes in it. Through one hole a rigid
tube is inserted to the bottom of the carboy, with a hose leading into
your target container attached to the other end. A small tube is inserted
just through the second hole of the base. The base is then pushed down to
seal the top of the carboy. You begin the siphon by blowing into the small
tube until the liquid is forced up the rigid tube and into the attached hose
into your target container.

[] Eric B. Durbin (606) 233-6043 [] []
[] MN554 Univ of Kentucky Med Center [] ericd@UKMA.BITNET []
[] Lexington, KY 40506 [] {rutgers, uunet}!ukma!ericd []

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