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Subject: Siphoning-thank you, and bleach sterilizing
Date: 1989-06-28 15:46:25 GMT

Many thanks to all who replied concerning siphoning. The comments about
filling the tube were appreciated, but may not apply since I use one of
the stiff racking tubes (and love it). [frank (origin?)] replied with
the answer I was looking for:

>I found a great item at the local fish and pet store for starting
>the siphon. It's a rubber bulb with a hole in each end big enough
>for my siphon hose. I put one end of my siphon hose in the carboy

this seems to be the most reasonable way to go. Again, thanks.

Then gordon hester asks:

>Since I've mentioned sterilizing with bleach solution, I'd like
>to ask how others view this - I seem to recall reading somewhere
>that some people think using bleach to sterilize is a bad idea.
>True? False? Why? How careful are people in rinsing out whatever
>sterilizing solution they use from fermenters and bottles? I've

I used to know a homebrewer who left a portion of the bleach solution
in his bottles prior to bottling!

This subject came up a while back, and I commented on it. I use one
tsp bleach in 1 gal water. Formerly, I emptied out the bottles and
didn't rinse them, but they seemed to "hold a stink", so I have
adopted the practice of rinsing them with hot water after the bleach
solution. One of the books (Papazain or Miller's ) cautions against
traces of bleach in the bottles--it could lead to chlorophenols apparently.

As to how long to soak, I don't at all. A quick rinse seems to do it.

For the larger containers such as the carboy and the primary fermenter,
I rinse with bleach solution and shake it out, but don't rinse. I have
relied on the principle of infinite dilution. However, I think I will
now take the next step and rinse these with hot water as well. I consider
the chlorophenol probability larger than the contamination probability.

Incidentally, I never use sodium metabisulphite. After this horrendous
stuff ruined a batch of cider, I will never again consider it appropriate
for homebrewing.

[Florian Bell, Boonesborough, Oregon]

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