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From: "Christian A. Ramsburg" <>
Subject: Questions on Ice, Plactic liners, proper airspace.
Date: 1989-06-29 00:10:50 GMT

I have access to a great quantity of distilled water and "clean" ice, and
was wondering if anyone has any recomendations against using ice to chill
the sterile wort. I have found that 8 pounds of ice will nicely chill two
gallons of hot water. In the two references I have it doesn't mention the
use of ice.

I am also wondering whether anyone has a recomendation on plastic liners for
brewbins. My brewbin has had a queer smell since I tried a batch of Cooper's
Ale which bleach has not been able to remove. I didn't know whether anyone
had tried liners.... And lastly, on UseNet someone was recomending leaving
a very small airspace in each bottle so that there would be less propelent
gas when the bottles explode. Any comments??

This is my first submission, so if this is in the archives, just a reference
will do. I am one my seventh batch of extract M-F malts. I tend to brew
in the lighter hues, and have enjoyed all except the Cooper's.

Christian Ramsburg

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