From the HBD Archive
From: (Brian Bacskai)
Subject: Re:Sterilizing
Date: 1989-06-29 13:58:37 GMT

Although I don't use everclear to sterilize any of my brew equipment,
I work in a cell culture lab under aseptic conditions, and the general
protocol for keeping away unwanted bugs and nasties is to use either
or both UV irradiation and 70% ethanol (140 proof). This is the minimum
concentration to ensure decontamination at the cheapest price. And you
sure don't want to waste everclear!

This is my first post to this mailing list and I just wanted to say
how much I appreciate the information the information I recieve.

If I may solicit opinions, I've just purchased a pressure vessel, because
I hate washing bottles, and I was wondering if anyone has had any
experience using one. I'm really looking forward to having home-brew
on tap!! But I can only guess what the disadvantages might be.
Any comments?


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