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From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: Re: Questions etc, proper airspace
Date: 1989-06-29 14:02:17 GMT

From: "Christian A. Ramsburg" <>

>had tried liners.... And lastly, on UseNet someone was recomending leaving
>a very small airspace in each bottle so that there would be less propelent
>gas when the bottles explode. Any comments??

Ouch. That was me and I'm sure I didn't say "when the bottles explode".
I said IF a bottle breaks and there is only a very small head space,
then there will be no explosion. I also explained why you can't get away
with zero head space (ullage). See, the "Zymurgy" before last for a
complete explanation plus some hard data.
But I switched to a small head space (about 1/8 inch) last year to get
more beer and especially less air per bottle. The safety factor just came
along for free.
I brought this up because somebody posted a dramatic description
of bottle explosions which he then described as a "fluke". I can't
deal with "fluke" explanations in homebrewing myself, but I figured
if this guy was just going to accept the explosions and not
track down their cause and cure, he needed a safety factor.
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