From the HBD Archive
From: Gordon Hester <>
Subject: Re: hop aging
Date: 1989-06-29 13:59:26 GMT

John Isenhour posted an interesting message about "hoppiness
potential during hop aging" (was that supposed to be "happiness
potential....? Nahh.) It included what looked like a very
useful list of hop types/characteristics.

Maybe I'm slow to catch on, but I'm not clear on the
concept yet. Are we talkin' about what happens to hops when
they are stored PRIOR to use, or is it what happens to
the flavor (hoppiness) of your brew as IT ages, depending on
the type of hops you used? If the latter (which I assume to be
the case simply because it seems to me to be more interesting
and useful information), then do the categories relate to
hops added during the boil for bitterness, or at the end of the
boil for aroma?

John, could you (or anyone else) please clarify this? thanks.

gordon hester

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