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Subject: Potential Happiness and Aging
Date: 1989-06-30 01:17:00 GMT

My apologies to Gordon, the article I referred to concerned aging hops (and
its subsequent effect on hoppiness when brewed) not on the effects of its aging
after turning into beer (I think thats why the authors called it 'potential
happiness' - yea!). After 11 years of brewing, I use only hop flowers, and
avoid pellets when I can. I generally buy at least 5 pounds of flowers at a
time (and frequently more) and store 'em under barrier plastic with a CO_2
layer in a freezer. This makes me concerned about the storage potential.
I do this because I'm really into the noble aromatics, and it sure shows
up in a fresh bale of kent goldings! I am considering doing a data regression
on the data in the article I mentioned before, but I want to get permission
from the authors first, this could provide interesting charts/data on how
to maximise certain qualities while minimising others, in terms of aromatic
vrs. bittering effects with aging. This brings up another question I have,
I am always trying to get wholesale prices, has anyone tried getting a
net-co-op for buying a fresh bale of hops? We should be able to get top quality
hops for around 5-7 dollars a pound at the +15 lbs or so quantity. If anyone
is interested, mail me and I'll talk to some of my hop dealers to see about
this. I would be willing to do the splitting of it and remailing if it
seems like we could get a better deal.

John L. Isenhour - LLUG_JI@DENISON.BITNET P.O. 714 Gambier OH 43022

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