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From: pacbell!pbmoss!mal@hplabs.HP.COM
Subject: Ullage; casks
Date: 1989-06-30 16:59:36 GMT

I'm one of those who subscribes to the "minimum ullage" theory, mostly
because of the sounds made by my first batch as I removed the caps. Due
to general ineptitude, there were a wide range of levels in the bottles
of that batch (the very least of my sins). I couldn't help but notice
that as I pried of the caps of those bottles with very little ullage,
the sound would be a sort of "(pss ...)", and the carbonation would
remain vigorous in the glass as I slowly sipped. On the other hand, the
less-full bottles would lustily holler, "PSSSTT!!!", and if I dawdled
at all over the glass, the carbonation would be lost.

On a completely different subject, I too am fed to the gills with bottles.
I've seen pictures in a quirky British book on homebrewing (sorry, I
don't remember the author or title at the moment. If you're dying to
know, please e-mail) of small (2 - 5 gallons, it appears) nearly
spherical casks of a white plastic material, with a spigot in the
side, near the top (presumably using a float take-off). Does anyone
know what these are, what they might cost, and where I might get one?
>From my wife's point of view, the less refrigerator space they use,
the better. - Martin

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