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From: wang!mds@uunet.UU.NET (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)
Subject: Crystal And Wheat
Date: 1989-06-30 19:40:35 GMT

Dr. T. Andrews wrote in #189 about Yellow Dog:

> Has anyone had a chance to make this stuff yet? Any particular hops
> which seemed to go well with it? Views on adding crystal malt to it?
> In general, I like to add crystal to most everything, but the stuff
> does have 12% wheat in it and so may not want a lot of body-building.

I recently put together a variant on a standard amber ale recipe, on the
recommendation of Karin Baker, which consisted of a Kwoffit Bitter Kit
malt extract, 3 lbs. of light dry malt extract, 1 lb. of crystal malt,
1/2 lb. of wheat malt, additional leaf hops (Fuggles), and the Kwoffit yeast.
All grains well crushed.

The result is extravagantly tasty - very rich and full-bodied, strongly
hopped but not tart. The difference in body between this brew and a host of
crystal-only amber ales was noticable and very pleasing to my palate.
I am quickly becoming a believer in the value of a little wheat malt for
adding flavorful body. It seems to work very well with crystal malt.
Body, crispness, sweetness, hoppiness ... heaven.

My first two cans of Yellow Dog should be arriving soon. You can bet there
will be crystal malt in at least one of the batches. The other may be a
minimalist batch to see how Yellow Dog stands on its own. Maybe not. I can't
help thinking that malt extracts get lonely as they boil...

By the way, I was very impressed with the action and character of the Kwoffit
yeast. A lovely aroma while fermenting, a nice flavor in the bottle. Anyone
else have such good experiences with this yeast?

Marc San Soucie
The John Smallbrewers

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