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From: "Paranoia means never having to say you're surprised."
Subject: How reliable is Papiazan, and where is he not to be trusted?
Date: 1989-07-01 21:19:00 GMT

Papiazan, in his book "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing" is a little too
vague about certain aspects of brewing, for my satisfaction.

(Flamethrower valve opened. Ignition)

Being told not to worry, that everything will turn out all right, always sets
my teeth on edge. I'd prefer to be given information rather than platitudes.

(Valve closes. The flame flickers and goes out).

What I'm wondering is how good is his science? I'm aware that he writes
for the layperson, and naturally wouldn't go into quite as much detail as
he might otherwise.

He suggests using, one or two ounces of clorine bleach per five gallons of
water, while one of my kits suggests five ounces of bleach per five
gallons of water. Someone I work with (who has had "some Chemistry")
was of the opinion that five ounces of bleach per five gallons was
insufficient to sanitize.

So, I pose the question to the experienced brewers of the list, what
procedures do you follow when making beer, as respects sanitation, etc.

(I'm brewing my first batch this weekend, and am feeling the "nervous
father" sensations).

- Ted
Patrick T. Garvin
in the Society: Padraig Cosfhota o Ulad / Barony of Namron, Ansteorra /
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