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From: Paul Perlmutter <paul@heaven>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #191 (July 01, 1989)
Date: 1989-07-03 15:49:51 GMT

> After 11 years of brewing, I use only hop flowers, and
> avoid pellets when I can. ....
> I do this because I'm really into the noble aromatics, and it sure shows
> up in a fresh bale of kent goldings!

I am currently living in Bristol, England and recently took a tour of
the main Courage brewery here, where they brew the beer for their casks.
(Their brewery for bottled beer is located east of Redding.) Their
casks are used to pump their famous "Directors Bitters" which is one of
the most popular beers in England. I actually didn't learn too much,
because their process is so automated, and so spread out over the
country. However, I did find out something interesting in regards to
using hop pellets versus fresh hop flowers. They use exclusively hop
pellets because they are so easy to handle, store so well, and are so
convenient to ship. They found (according to their very knowledgable
staff) that fresh hop pellets are not in any way inferior to fresh hop

After the tour, they invited us to join them in their hospitality suite,
an old gorgeous pub, across the street from the main building. The pub
is for guests of Courage brewery only, and is quite posh. They have
Courage Director's on tap (of course) and I had some superb beer. It
was fresh and delicious!

Paul Perlmutter

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