From the HBD Archive
From: Gordon Hester <>
Subject: Re: Using crystal malt and other grains
Date: 1989-07-05 15:00:02 GMT

A couple of messages recently have mentioned the use of
crystal malt (and other grains, but CM is the one I am
immediately interested in.) One poster described the grains
he added as "well crushed."

I'd like to try using crysatl malt in my next batch, but
I'm unclear about how to use it. (I'm using extracts
for brewing.) In particular:

1- How do I go about crushing it? How crushed does it
need to be?

2- When do I add it to the wort? Some things I have seen
seem to indicate that it is added before anything else,
in a bag, and steeped in cold/hot (?) water. I've
looked in Papazian, but either he doesn't give specific
instructions or I haven't found them (always a distinct
possibility with CJoHB 8-).

Any and all advice greatly apprceiated.

gordon hester

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